About Us

     I have always had a deep love for photography, and over the past thirty years I have honed my skills as a highly sought after graphic designer and photographer. I have turned my passion into my occupation and as such have built a brand upon turning your life into my art. Let me explain: Custom home and wedding décor is a reflection of your personality. It is the very definition of personal, and when I work with my clients I create art that is intimate, reflective, and engaging.

     Studio E Gifts was launched in 2012 after a lifetime of practice behind the lens. My very first photograph series was a lovely set of abstract shots of walkways, sideways houses, and the occasional patch of green grass. To be fair, I was only four years old and my father handed me his camera to hold while he was working as a photographer for a realtor. He only discovered my artistic installation after he developed those photos. I was instantly mesmerized by the ability to capture a moment in time, even as a four year old, and my entire life has been building to commemorating the lives of others in an artistic fashion.

     Once I grew up enough to properly hold a camera, I continued my love of photography through ten years of 4-H where I received several top awards at state level. I currently offer a wide variety of wedding and housewarming gifts including my signature basketball coach print and the Indiana Bicentennial print. When the state of Indiana selected me to create the design for their Bicentennial prints I was honored, and have expanded that section to include multiple designs for your home.

     You will notice that much of the artwork in my shop is created from photographs I have taken, or those that customers have provided me. Again, I believe that your home décor should be a reflection of your life and this melding of media allows a level of sophistication that simply can’t be found in mass produced decorations. I know that my passion shines through in my work, and whether you are looking for a wedding sign, alphabet letter art print, or even alternative guest books your purchase will become a treasured family heirloom.

     Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Studio E Gifts. If you’d like to follow us on a more personal platform you may do so at any, or all, of the following social media sites:







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